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PFW adds to rental market software capabilities with ARA Rental Market Metrics certification

PFW Systems Corp., a full-service dealer management system provider in the equipment rental industry, is the latest software provider to achieve ARA Rental Market Metrics™ certification from the American Rental Association (ARA).

The ARA Rental Market Metrics™ program is designed to provide additional value to the equipment rental industry because it establishes consistent benchmarks for measuring business performance that were not previously available. Now, these metrics can be used by industry professionals, investors and analysts to compare a rental equipment company’s performance over time or in relationship to a competitor.

PFW, which works with leading rental equipment companies in North America, has integrated ARA Rental Market Metrics™ with its IntelliDealer™ dealer management system to enable its customers to track and share key performance measures.

“The adoption of ARA Rental Market Metrics™ by PFW is another step forward in making this program readily available to the rental industry,” says Christine Wehrman, ARA’s executive vice president and CEO. “We congratulate PFW on its certification and support the company’s effort to extend the new offering to its customers as part of PFW’s rental management capabilities.”

According to Frank DeDecker, PFW director of product management and market relations, ARA Rental Market Metrics™ will be a welcome addition to IntelliDealer™’s current rental market offering.

“Our software features tools that help customers track and manage their rental fleet from a branch or across the enterprise,” said DeDecker. “We believe the integration of standardized metrics with our rental module will be very well accepted by our customers. It will fulfill an unmet need in the industry.”

PFW currently works with leading rental equipment dealers in North America such as Best Line Equipment, which has 12 locations throughout Pennsylvania and also serves Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, West Virginia and northern Virginia.

“The fact that PFW is now certified for ARA Rental Market Metrics™ is important to us. ARA has been our lifeblood since we started, and PFW’s ARA membership and association involvement shows they’re committed to understanding our business,” said Ryan Houseknecht, project manager, Best Line Equipment.

ARA Rental Market Metrics™ is designed to provide equipment rental companies a consistent way of calculating and reporting critical performance measures, such as industry standards for the definition of a rental day and original equipment cost, and for the calculation of time utilization of equipment, financial utilization, fleet age and percentage change in period-over-period rental rates.




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