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OCTOBER 2013 issue of
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Light construction equipment

This month, Rental Management looks at light construction equipment, engines, and job-site, warehouse and rental yard equipment, including forklifts, skid-steers, portable offices and storage equipment.

Gehl skid loaders

262-334-9461; gehl.com

The R Series of skid loaders from Gehl, West Bend, Wis., includes three models: the R190, the R220 and the R260. All three have Tier 4 engines, with a net power of 68.4 hp on the R190, and 70.7 hp on the R220 and R260. The R190 has an operating capacity of 2,110 lbs., a lift height of 120.5 in. and an operating weight of 6,880 lbs. The 7,980-lb. R220 has an operating capacity of 2,200 lbs., and the 8,200-lb. R260 has an operating capacity of 2,780 lbs. Both the R220 and the R260 have a lift height of 123 in. The R Series features also include an enhanced operator station, an integrated digital display, pressurized cabs and a high-powered hydraulic system.

Danuser hammer concrete breaker

573-642-2246; danuser.com

The CB40 hammer concrete breaker from Danuser, Fulton, Mo., can break up to 9 in. of reinforced concrete and has up to 82,000 lbs. of impact force with each cycle, the company says. The breaker can operate on any skid-steer with 12 to 30 gpm. It also has an anti-dry fire feature to prevent unnecessary firing and improve durability of the machine, the company says.

Construction Accessories stake extractor

937-429-9098; jackjaw.com

The JackJaw® 200 stake extractor from Construction Accessories, Waynesville, Ohio, is used to pull ¾-in. and 7/8-in. concrete stakes, “T” fence posts and string line stakes. The extractor is 29 in. tall, and a 50-lb. push on the handle generates 1,050 lbs. of gripping force and a 450-lb. upward breakout force on the stake, the company says. Extractors are made of heavy-gauge steel plate and tubing with zinc and clear chromate plating.

Manitou Tier 4 vertical masted forklifts

262-334-9461; manitou.com

The M Series vertical masted forklift M 30 and M 50 models from Manitou Americas, West Bend, Wis., are Tier 4 certified and are available in two-wheel and four-wheel drive. Both models have a 74-hp Perkins Tier 4-certified diesel engine that delivers up to 235 ft.-lbs. of torque and reduces fuel consumption by 13 percent, the company says. The M 30 has a lift height of 23 ft. and a lift capacity of 6,036 lbs., and the M 50 has a lift height of 19 ft. 8 in. and a lift capacity of 11,023 lbs. In addition, the M 50 has a mast tilt of up to 15 degrees forward and backward for material handling.

Ericson Manufacturing cable protectors

800-374-2766; tufftraxx.com

The TuffTraxx series of industry-duty and extreme-duty cable protectors from Ericson Manufacturing Co., Willoughby, Ohio, is made of polyurethane and has non-conductive shock barrier protection, the company says. The cable protectors have a hinged lid, rounded dividers to protect cables from snags and tears, and tapered ends for gradual egress. The series has a load
rating of up to 40,500 lbs. per axle, and includes flexible y-connectors to route cables and handle multi-directional 90-degree and 45-degree cable runs.

BLS Enterprises continuous rubber tracks

800-307-0299; tufpads.com

The Bridgestone continuous rubber tracks from BLS Enterprises, Bensenville, Ill., are available for more than 200 machines from manufacturers including Case, Caterpillar, Ditch Witch, Deere, Kobelco and Komatsu, in a variety of sizes. The company, an official Bridgestone track distributor, says it has supplied these tracks as original equipment on many manufacturers’ compact construction equipment.

Legacy Building Solutions tension fabric buildings

877-259-1528; legacybuildingsolutions.com

The tension fabric buildings from Legacy Building Solutions, South Haven, Minn., have structural steel beams instead of open web trusses. The steel frame has multiple coatings, including hot-dip galvanizing, red oxide primer and powder-coat paint. The buildings feature polyethylene fabric roofs, customizable sidewalls in any desired material, including steel, paneling
or siding, the company says. Steel components and fabric covers have
a 15-year warranty.


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Mustang track loader

262-334-9461; mustangmfg.com

The 2500RT track loader from Mustang, West Bend, Wis., features a 74.3-hp Tier 4 Deutz turbo-diesel engine and an operating capacity of 2,500 lbs. at 35 percent of tipping load. The 2500RT track loader delivers 243 ft. lbs. of torque and up to 14,317 lbs. of tractive effort, and also features an automatic
track tensioning system, which the company says eliminates the need for manually tensioning the tracks on the loader before operation. Features include AntiStall technology to sense machine load and adjust to manage available engine power, a multi-function display, standard mounting systems, high-flow auxiliary hydraulics and anti-vandalism protection.

Miller Electric welder/generator

800-426-4553; millerwelds.com

The Trailblazer® 325 diesel welder/generator, from Miller Electric Mfg. Co., Appleton, Wis., has multiprocess welding capabilities, including Smart-Cor™ and Auto-Speed™. Smart-Cor technology provides independent weld and generator power, ensuring no interaction between the welding arc and job-site tools, the company says. Auto-Speed technology is designed to automatically adjust the engine speed to run at lower speeds depending on the total power needed. The Trailblazer is fully compliant with all applicable EPA Tier 4 Final emissions regulations, the company says.

Trynex SweepEx broom attachment

800-725-8377; trynexfactory.com

The SweepEx Mega 480 broom from Trynex, Madison Heights, Mich., is designed for use with compact utility loaders. The broom has a 48-in. mainframe, 11 polyproplylene brush rows and a heavy powder-coated finish. Operators can detach the end protectors to replace, rotate or remove brush sections. Options include broom extenders, and mounting kits for forklifts, bucket lips, three-point hitches and skid-steer pivots. Accessories include magnetic bar, dust mop, edge marker kit and the debris containment ends.


Toyota Material Handling lift trucks

800-226-0009; toyotaforklift.com

The 8-Series lift trucks from Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A., are designed for the pulp and paper industry. The series offers 8,000- to 15,500-lb. lifting capacities, and includes a 12,000-lb. model. The trucks have a shortened wheelbase, load distance and right angle stacking to maneuver in and out of the tight spots found inside rail cars and in confined work environments around paper mills. A paper roll clamp is available in configurations to handle multiple diameters, weights and types of paper. To ensure proper operation, a clamp release interlock system built into the control valve works to help prevent accidental activation of the release lever. In addition, an automatic clamp leveling feature is designed to allow the operator to quickly level the clamp vertical to the paper roll with the touch of a button.


Yale electric lift trucks

800-233-9253; yale.com

The ERC080-120VH electric lift truck series from Yale Materials Handling Corp., Greenville, N.C., is powered by a 36V, 48V or 80V AC system. The trucks can handle a capacity of 8,000 to 12,000 lbs., have a maximum travel speed of 10.4 to 12.7 mph, and a maximum lift speed of 89 to 118 ft. per min. The truck comes with a five-position tilt steering column and self-adjustable  duo-servo hydraulic brakes. Features also include a one-piece steel hood, on-board diagnostics and power-assisted braking system.


Bomag light tandem roller

800-782-6624; bomag.com/us

The BW100AD-4 light tandem roller from Bomag, Kewanee, Ill., has a Tier 4i compliant, 32.6-hp water-cooled Kubota diesel engine and a smart steering wheel. The roller delivers up to 8,350 lbs. of centrifugal force per drum and a maximum frequency of
4,200 vibrations per minute. A standard crab walk allows the roller’s rear drum to be offset by 1.6 in. in either direction. The smart drive steering wheel has a smaller diameter, designed to offer a more clear view of all controls. Features include a 58.1-gal. water tank and pressurized spray system.


Van Mark Products Corp. portable bending brake

800-826-6275; van-mark.com

The Mark II TrimMaster® portable bending brake by Van Mark Products Corp., Farmington Hills, Mich., has no metal-on-metal wear parts and is adjustment-free, the company says. A Power Lock™ bar and POWERslot™ technology are designed to allow users to make small “J” channels and hollow core hinge extrusions. Accessories available include a rolling shear, along with a wheeled support stand to maneuver around the job site. Detachable UniLegs™ or UniStand™ will store flat.



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Hyster electric lift truck series

800-497-8371; hyster.com

The J80-100XN electric lift truck series from Hyster, Greenville, N.C., is available in 8,000, 9,000- and 10,000-lb. models, and are powered by 80V lead-acid batteries. They have a load capacity of 8,000 to 10,000 lbs. and a maximum travel speed of 13 mph. Features include extended shift, an advanced thermal management system, wet disc brakes and a redesigned operator compartment.

Worksaver SitePro® grapple rake

217-324-5973; wssitepro.com

The SitePro® ETG-26 grapple rake from Worksaver, Litchfield, Ill., has twin upper grapples for moving brush, wood, rocks and other material. The 6-ft. grapple has a universal attaching system, and is designed for use with 30- to 80-hp skid-steers and tractor loaders. Grapples are 20 in. in width and lower tines are spaced 10 in. apart. Shield plates on upper grapples provide protection for the hydraulic cylinder. The 615-lb. grapple has a low-profile height of 25.5 in.

Atlas Copco post driver

800-732-6762; atlascopco-us.com

The LPD-LD post driver from Atlas Copco, Commerce City, Colo., is able to drive rods or posts from less than 0.5 in. to 2.5 in. With adapters and bushings, the 39-lb. LPD-LD is able to drive ground rods, anchors, tent spikes and fences in almost any terrain, the company says. The new design includes a PTFE guide bushing to reduce the risk of damage on the zinc or copper surface of the ground rods. The anvil also has been engineered to strike the top of the rod or pole directly when a bushing adaptor is fitted, and when a larger drive adaptor is being used, the anvil will strike the actual adaptor, the company says.


Terramac removable steel cleats

630-365-4800; terramac.com

Custom-made, removable steel cleats for the RT9 rubber-track crawler carrier from Terramac®, Elburn, Ill., are designed for use in muddy, icy or snow-covered terrain. The bolt-on, bolt-off cleats can be installed by the user, and the company recommends that 16 cleats be installed on each track, with a minimum of eight per track. “We designed these cleats knowing that there may be a situation where the cleat is binding,” said Joey Giannetto, Terramac® service manager. “A different grade bolt was used to allow the bolt to shear. This not only protects the track, but reduces cost and downtime for the customer.”


Jenny Products air compressors

814-445-3400; jennyproductsinc.com

The G-Series air compressors from Jenny Products, Somerset, Pa., work on electric power and come in eight different models. Offered with 8-, 15-, 17- and 30-gal. air tanks, the compressors come with either 3- or 5-hp motors. The 3-hp models produce 13.8 cfm at
100 psi or 13.5 cfm at 125 psi. The 5-hp models produce 18.3 cfm at 100 psi or 17.8 cfm at 125 psi. All models operate from a 230V, single-phase power source. Features include cast-iron compressor pumps, powder-coated air tanks, directional air shrouds and large flywheels.


Titan Tool line striper

800-526-5362; titantool.com

The PowrLiner™ 2850 line striper by Titan Tool, Plymouth, Minn., also serves as a gas airless paint sprayer. The striper has a max spraying speed of 416 ft. per min. and is powered by a 126cc Subaru engine. The 160-lb. 2850 comes equipped with an LX80II four-finger spray gun, 1908 (4-in. pattern tip) and 50 ft. of airless hose. Two gun units come with second gun kit.


Terex Construction compact track loader

662-393-1800; terex.com/construction

The PT-75 compact track loader from Terex Construction, Southaven, Miss., has a 71-hp, four-cylinder, turbocharged Perkins 804C-33T diesel engine that is Tier 4i compliant. The 70-in.-wide loader has a tipping load of 6,200 lbs., a lift height of 125 in., and 178.5 ft.-lbs. of peak torque. An optional two-speed hydrostatic drive system can travel up to 10.5 mph. The 8,972-lb. machine has 18-in.-wide rubber tracks and a Posi-Track™ undercarriage with multiple levels of suspension to help distribute the weight to a ground pressure of 3.5 psi. Optional 20-in. tracks are available.






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