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OCTOBER 2013 issue of
Rental Management

Party products: Tents, power generation and climate control

This month, Rental Management looks at tents, liners, power generation, climate control and fans.

TopTec Products tents

800-845-2830; toptecproducts.com

The FutureTrac Tents from TopTec Products, Moore, S.C., has a track system designed to allow for simultaneous installation of tops, sidewalls, lighting and liners, the company says. The tent series also features a lighter frame, keder tubes and reinforced fabric, as well as interchangeable parts. FutureTrac tents range in size from 20 ft. wide to 50 ft. wide, and include options of 10-ft., 15-ft. or 20-ft. mid-sections. Size extensions and custom graphics are available, and the tents also have slide-in tops. A variety of vinyl types is available.

Crown Verity heater

888-505-7240; crownverity.com

The wall-mountable heater from Crown Verity, Brantford, Ontario, Canada, has a high-efficiency halogen lamp that can put out 1,500W of directional heat at a cost of 18 cents per hour, the company says. The 120V heater plugs into a standard outlet and includes a 16-ft. cord. It has an IP65 waterproof rating, anodized aluminum construction and waterproof casing for outdoor use. The heater bulb is rated to last 7,000 hours, the company says, and the heater includes a one-year warranty. An optional remote control, adjustable weighted stand and tent mounting bracket are available.

NTI Global heater ducting

800-947-7767; ntiglobal.com

The UltraTex™ and UltraMax™ heater ducting from NTI Global, Amsterdam, N.Y., is made to respectively withstand temperatures up to 500 and 550 degrees Fahrenheit. The base fabric for both the UltraTex and UltraMax passes CAN/CSA-M427-M491 standard for ventilation materials. The ducting is available in diameters from 8 in. to 36 in. and in lengths up to 50 ft. long. UltraTex and UltraMax are manufactured to fit on virtually any heating unit, the company says, and are specially designed for Ft. McMurray, Alberta, Canada, and other oil locations that require temporary heating solutions.


Schaefer Ventilation Equipment heater/fan/mister

800-779-3267; schaeferfan.com

The 3-in-1 heater/fan/mister from Schaefer Ventilation Equipment, Sauk Rapids, Minn., has a quick-release 5-lb. tripod pedestal with interchangeable 1,500W electric heater head, 24-in. fan head and a low-pressure misting system. The multi-functional product is designed for efficient transport and storage, the company says. After initial assembly, no tools are required to set up and take down. The system also is available as a fan or heater only.


Economy Tent International frame tent

800-438-3226; economytent.com

The Classic™ Frame Tent from Economy Tent International, Miami, has a freestanding aluminum frame structure with no center poles. The engineered tent is made of 6005 T-6 anodized marine aluminum, is wind-load tested up to 90 mph and also snow-load rated, the company says. The 30-ft.-wide tents include double-tube corner rafters, 2-in. mid-rafter and 2-in. side bars. The 40-ft.-wide tent includes double-tube corner rafter and mid-rafters, and 2-in. side bars. Legs can be adjusted to 7-ft., 8-ft. and 9-ft. heights. Plastic-coated ¼-in. steel cables with 3-in. snap hooks are included on 60-ft.-wide frames and above. The tents are manufactured with 18-oz. lacquer-coated blackout vinyl, available in 10 different solid colors, 30-in. stripes and two types of clear vinyl. Seams are electronically welded, and straps and buckles are double reinforced.


Frost Fighter GT heater

888-792-0374; frost-fighter.com

The IHS600 GT 700,000-Btu indirect fired heater from Frost Fighter GT, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is powered by an Isuzu generator with the capacity to run two ICE Fighter 700s for larger jobs, the company says. The fully insulated heater has a 190-gal. tank and a stainless-steel, high-efficiency heat exchanger, with about 40 hours of continuous run time, the company says. The dual-axle trailer measures 160.25 in. long by 84 in. wide, and has a hand-railed work platform and storage for ducting. The oil burner has a Genisys controller with LED display and quick-connect wiring to change over to LP/NG. A safety shield package is available for hazardous conditions and pipeline work.


Mosebach Manufacturing Co. portable heaters

412-220-0200; mosebachresistors.com

The Hotbox Xtreme™ and XtremeQ™ portable electric heaters from Mosebach Manufacturing Co., Pittsburgh, come in several models, including the HBX60Q, the HBX150 and the HBX150Q. All units are made of heavy-duty sheet metal with an electrostatic powder-coated finish, and are weatherproof rated. Each heater has an automatic reset and an E-stop button is provided for emergency shutdown. All models can be used as blowers or for heating or dehumidifying. The 274-lb. 60kW HBX60Q uses SlimLine™, a continuous resistor ribbon that contains no welds and puts out 205,000 Btus per hour. The 150kW HBX150 and HBX150Q models use Weldless Weave™, a continuous resistor ribbon with no welds, put out up to 614,000 Btus per hour and weigh between 723 to 750 lbs.


Olympic Tent tube frame tent system

800-481-4128; olympictent.com

The Maxi Tube frame tent system from Olympic Tent, Tacoma, Wash., has five different options for frame tubing, including the Maxi Tube™, the Maxi Tube II™, the Maxi Litetrack™, the Maxi IV-S™ and the standard 2-in. tube. All connectors are made of welded steel with clear zinc plating, and the tubing is extruded from aluminum alloy and then clear anodized. Brace bars connect directly into the function slot of the Maxi Tubes, eliminating bolt-on brackets, the company says. Frame components and tube parts connect with quick pins, bail pins or bolts.





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